Just B. Biography
I am a graduate of the National Holistic Institute, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. I have been practicing massage full time since 1993. My training includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Joint Mobilization and Prenatal massage.
I began my career at San Jose Athletic Club, where I worked for 4 1/2 Years, and then continued to The Sanctuary Spa at Courtside Club where I practiced massage for 10 years.
I opened my own business, Just B. Massage, in 2008 with the aim of providing excellent, and specific, bodywork to a wide range of clients.
My specialty is relieving neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. I use cushioning to allow your body to start to relax even before the massage begins. My technique works with the muscle - instead of against it.
Each client's massage experience should be about what feels effective for them, not what hurts the most. If you are receiving deep muscle work your body should also feel safe and supported, allowing for a more lasting and integrated result.